• Your Life Back strongly suggests a major Olive Oil Cleanse as the initial step in your recovery.  Therefore, we suggest the 16oz Olive Oil if you are over 150 pounds.  A thorough Olive Oil cleanse will remove the debris from the intestinal walls that has prohibited the body from feeding itself properly.



  • 5 Chaparral twice day is suggested for those with lumps in breast, cyst or tumors on ovaries, or for any unwanted mass.

  • 2 CKLS three times a week AFTER the Olive Oil Cleanse.  Example: Sundays, Tuesdays, and Friday.  This will allow your bowels time to jell while continuing to cleanse your colon from the remnants of years of accumulated debris, and to assist you while changing your diet.

  • 3-5 capsules daily of the remaining herbs should be taken.  You may find it easier to take The Big 5 before bedtime and the remaining herbs in the morning to start your day…cleansing by night and building by day.  An observation is suggested after one month’s usage of New Body Products.



  • BUY A JUICER!!!!  Juicing fresh vegetables will supply your body with the living cell replenishing materials that will assist in cutting your recovery time in half.  Vegetable JUICE bypasses the digestive process (because no chewing is necessary) and goes straight to cellular level, replacing old, dying, and injured cells with the materials to build new, healthy cells ON THE SPOT.  Super Food mixes are a major plus.  Cooked food (as good as we can season it to taste) is Dead Food, and UNCOOKED fruit and vegetables are the only LIVING Foods.


      Uncommon Sense:  When you put fire to anything you kill it.  We’ve been killing our foods for a lifetime and have been feeding our living bodies Dead Food

      with poisonous ingredients added to them exclusively.  THIS is 92% of our problems, not heredity.  Therefore, we suggest that you fall in love with as much

      uncooked food and drink as possible during your recovery.

(See:Maya’s Kitchen, coming February 2014)


  • Drink spring water.  When spring water is not available drink Brita filtered water.


  • No cigarettes or alcohol.

  • No diet sodas (Aspartame feeds cancer and is in all diet sodas).

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