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Your Life Back ~ An Introduction

This is an introduction to Your Life Back, a distributor of Dr. Paul Goss's New Body herbal Products. Please view for powerful, simply, and cost remedies to the symptoms of the world's commonly know ailments.

Your Life Back ~ Trust Yourself

Your Life Back urges you to THINK FOR YOURSELVES. We are not far from the healing that we've sought...sometimes the answers have lain before our faces the entire time. Your Life Back urges each of us to think with our uncommon sense.

Your Life Back ~ It's As Simple As That

The Body recognizes all that we eat and drink as either one of two things...either it's nutrition  or poison. It's as simple as that.

Your Life Back ~ SHANA I. LOVE

Your Life Back presents Shana I. Love's testimony on her personal ventures with New Body Products.


Your Life Back presents Stephani Kittling, Figure Builder & Personal Trainer on how New Body Products have made her life complete.


Your Life Back shares the story of Christine Jacobi-Dorham's six year battle with severe feminine issues before her 2013 introduction to New Body Product's formulas for  female.

Your Life Back ~ Part 1 ~ Intro To New Body

Your Life Back owner, K. E. Dorham, shares the story of his life changing introduction to New Body Products.  Be sure to see Parts 2-4 for a compelling push towards claiming Your Life Back as well!


Your Life Back ~ Part 2 ~ Learning Curve

Your Life Back owner, K. E. Dorham, shares his trials and errors in transitioning from a synthetic to a natural diet.  In the Learning Curve, Mr. Dorham makes an appeal to the viewer's uncommon sense and raises questions that will cause any viewer to look deep inside of self to locate one's personal motivations.  

Your Life Back ~ Part 3 ~ My Father

Your Life Back owner, K. E. Dorham, shares the beginning stages of his father, O. C. Dorham's loss to an Industry Of Death. If Part 3 sounds familiar to you, your experiences are not likely incidental.

Your Life Back ~ Part 4 ~ My Father

Your Life Back owner K. E. Dorham completes the detailed experience of his final days with his father and how what he learned first hand has helped him to help others to heal from symptoms of the same. Time to claim Your Life Back.

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