Surgery vs. Natural Solutions

Total Cost of

Total Cost of Your Life Back

Cholesterol & High Pressure

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting - Heart bypass surgery

Physician Services                  $3,714.00

Hospital Services                   $57,439.00

Anesthesia Services                $2,495.00

TOTAL                                       $63,648.00

Your Life Back ~ Blood Pressure: Specialty Package

Big 3                                     $57.83

HE-RT                                   $18.98

TOTAL                                  $76.30


Gastric Bypass - Stomach surgery to treat obesity

Physician Services                 $2,729.00

Hospital Services                  $16,856.00

Anesthesia Services                  $956.00

TOTAL                                     $20,540.00

Your Life Back ~ Weight Loss: Specialty Package

Big 3                                       $57.83

Olive Oil 16oz                           $11.03

Par K Slim Pack                       $24.53

Nature’s Promise                      $21.56

TOTAL                                   $103.55


 Cholecystectomy (surgical) - Removal of the gallbladder

Physician Services                 $1,724.00

Hospital Services                  $14,306.00

Anesthesia Services                  $956.00

TOTAL                                     $16,986.00    

Your Life Back ~ Gallbladder: Specialty Package

CKLS                                      $20.98

Olive Oil                        $7.49 - $11.03

1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice        

TOTAL                                    $32.70


Medium: Multi-Drug Regimen with Insurance $10-$200 a month.

High: Multi-Drug Regimen without Insurance $200-$500 a month.

Range of Cost (Medium to High Diabetes)


 Prostate Cancer

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 Ovarian Cancer

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 Your Life Back ~ Diabetes: Specialty Package

Big 3                                                 $57.83

Uva Ursi                                            $13.67

FE-Y                                                 $22.07

A one time purchase and a

change a change of diet.                 $88.29


- Surgical removal of the breast. . .

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