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I suggest buying a juicer for anyone who is concerned about maximizing their recovery potential.  Consider this fact, fire destroys.  Therefore, all cooked food is dead food.  The same is true for distilled water and any pasteurized drink, flash pasteurized or otherwise.  I know that there is nothing that warms the heart and soothes the soul like mom and grandma’s home cooked meal, but every cooked meal we’ve ever eaten has been only for taste, not for nutrition.


We are living beings and our living bodies require living materials to replenish them.  Doesn’t this make sense?  The scientific term for cooking food is called 'denaturing'.  So, now we must ask ourselves…have the majority of our diets consisted of living foods or cooked (dead) foods?  This is where juicing on a weekly basis benefits greatly.  For one of the few times in most of our lives we will receive maximum nutrition in abundance from our meals.  The reason?  Because juicing organic food does not cook (burn) or alter the structure of the enzymes, vitamins and minerals within.  When we juice, that uncooked meal passes right through the digestive system (because no chewing is necessary) straight to cellular level and creates new healthy cells to replace injured and dying cells immediately.


Let me make it clear for you.  The body only recognizes everything that we eat or drink as one of two things…nutrition or poison, it’s as simple as that.  Now consider these two scenarios.


Sick body with dying cells + dead cell food = degradation to death


Sick body with dying cells + living food = recovery to life


Or, you can quote me, “Good fuels in…good results.  Bad fuels in…bad results”


Those who have little will power to attempt assuring their own health have said to me, “I had an aunt/uncle who ate a healthy diet and was healthier than anyone we’d ever known who just dropped dead one day”.  What an oxymoron.  HEALTHY people do not drop dead, they live.  Life and death are not such mysteries.  Individuals drop dead when they fail to recognize a source of accumulating poisons in their systems before it is too late.


It may be challenging going back to the unfamiliar way of natural diet after eating a totally synthetic diet for an entire lifetime.  We must wake ourselves to understand that food is not simply something that we shove down our throats to feel full…we are not designed to be walking landfills.  It will require withstanding an acquired taste long enough to allow our taste for the natural to return.  At minimum we all need a colon cleanse and to cleanse the blood stream periodically to avoid the accumulation of toxins that become the diseases that we consider hereditary.  Start today!

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