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Big 316oz. Olive Oil   (2) Par K Slim Pack    Nature’s Promise

The Big 3 will cleanse the colon and blood stream, and rid the body of the sticky mucus that prohibits healing. The daily use of 5 Par-K-Slim Pack with 2 drinks consisting of 1 scoop of Nature's Promise per day. Changing to a low fat (Raw Food) should yield noticeable results within one month.

NOTE: If you like grapefruit then go crazy on them while on this program. DO NOT BUY READY MADE GRAPEFRUIT JUICE, Lazy Bones, it more likely has the processed sugars that causes weight gain. JUICE a bundle of grapefruit and store it in your refrigerator. Let grapefruit be your first craving of the day second only to water.

SEE: HOW TO/DO's & DON'Ts page for Gallbladder Cleanse.
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