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Pennyroyal relieves burning fevers. It drives out the heat and inflammation through the pores of the skin and helps circulation. It could attack and kill sperm if used daily. MAY CAUSE ABORTION!

It has been used for: Birth Control, Chest Congestion, Colic, Nervousness, Gout, Toothache, Intestinal Pains, Childbirth, Mouth Sores, Skin Disease, Snake Bites, Insect Repellent, Itch, Jaundice, Convulsions, Gas, Insect Bites, and Ulcers.

5 Pennyroyal taken an hour before by either a male or female may help kill sperm cells. The risk of pregnancy is reduced greatly when taken by females.

5 Pennyroyal taken after intimate encounters may decrease the risk of pregnancy.

5 Pennyroyal taken once or twice daily two days before the expected start of cycle date can assure the start of cycles.
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