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Big 3	Golden Seal/Echinacea	Uva Ursi   Milk Thistle	  4-PG

The powerful combination of The Big 3 will cleanse the colon and blood stream, and rid the body of the sticky mucus that prohibits healing. Golden Seal & Echinacea will eliminate infections in the kidneys and throughout the body and Uva Ursi will level the Blood/Sugar and filters the kidneys. Milk Thistle will cleanse the liver which helps the potential of the kidneys to repair, while 4-PG adds missing vitamins and minerals to the kidney functions.

NOTE: Uva Ursi serves as a herbal Kidney Dialysis, and Golden Seal/Echinacea is a very strong anitbiotic. Therefore, we suggest using 3 Uva Ursi with a gallon of Spring or filtered water, and Golden Seal/Echinacea in a 7 days on/7 day off cycle to allow the kidneys to function on their own. All other herbs can be used continuously, 3 capsules per day.

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