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Everything in our bodies serves a purpose.  ALL ILLNESSES START WITH A BLOCKAGE, most often IN THE COLON!  Healing is as simple as this, "Good fuels in, good results...Bad fuel in, bad results."  Once we cease from poisoning ourselves (knowingly or unknownly), cleanse from the inside out (with herbs), and begin to replace dying cells with cell replenishing materials (raw foods) healing is within our very own hands.  Cleansing will curve your addictions!


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Do juice more vegetables than fruits.  (Fresh fruits, while holding a lot of nutrient value, also have a higher amount of natural sugars. 


Use in moderation.  For example, you would not eat 10 oranges at once, therefore, juicing and consume 10 would not be reasonable..


Do vary the variety of your foods.

(Read article)


Don’t have sugar or white flour.

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Reduce gluten intake overall.

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Example of Gall Stones

3-5 CKLS for 3 to 5 days


* To remove the initial waste from your system.  Clearing the bowels will give your gallstones a pathway once released.

* If you are having multiple bowel movements per day, you may begin the Olive Oil Cleanse on the 3 day.  If you are NOT having multiple sizable bowel movements per day with 3 CKLS a day, then increase to 5 CKLS per day until the bowel breaks.  The number of CLKS used per day is in accordance to the level of which the individual's bowels are compacted.   ONCE THE BOWELS BREAK...


Olive Oil

8 oz for persons 150 Pounds and under

16 oz for persons 150 Pounds and over

1 Cup of Lemon Juice (freshly squeezed)


Please let me say, we NEVER ASK how many ounces of soda, wine, beer, or anything else we were drinking or whether it is good for us.  WE HAVE NOT EVEN KNOWN THE SOURCES OF THE INGREDIENTS or how to pronounce them. 


Let's not be so skeptical when it comes to your health.


* The secret to drinking the Olive Oil is not mixing it with anything.  TAKE A DEEP BREATH, THROW YOUR HEAD BACK, and GULP IT DOWN ALL IN ONE SHOT.  Swallow gulp after gulp until it's all down.  THEN, chase it with sips of lemon juice.  Lemon is an astringent and helps in the cleansing process, it will aid in keeping the oil down. 


* Wait at least an hour after drinking the Olive Oil, then take 10 CKLS followed by large glasses of water.  The more water you can drink comfortably the faster the elimination process will begin.



* Drinking the Olive Oil usually shuts the appetite down.

* I suggest drinking the oil right before bed time so that the cleansing will begin while you're sleeping.  Sleep in a propped position OR lying on your left side.


You will be shocked to see how colon cleansers, a bottle of Olive Oil, and a few lemons can save you and your loved ones from thousands of dollars in hospital stays and the removal of their Gallbladders.

Consider The Big 5: CKLS, Freedom, C-1, Chaparral, Astragalus, plus Comfrey/Fenegreek.  At minimum you should SERIOUSLY consider The Big 3: CKLS, Freedom, & Comfrey/Fenegreek.




An assortment of any type of fruit!  Fruit, fruit, and more fruit!!!  Don't be frugal, eat fruit until you are stuffed!  2 to 5 ORGANIC GRAPEFRUIT A DAY OR MORE!  NO LESS THAN 1 PER DAY!  


When the desired weight is reached cease from eating grapefruit and continue Ur' new Do's & Don'ts diet

Minimal 1 glass of Water.



A hardy salad with an assortment of vegetables.  No Cheese or Ranch dressing if possible, try a Vinaigrette.  Be creative in selecting a dressings.  

Minimal 1 glass of Water.



Let this meal be the one cooked meal of the day.  Avoid as much meat,sugar, dairy & white flour products as possible. Cleansing will curve your addictions! 

Minimal 2 glasses of Water before bed.


Processed Sugars

(code names)


Natural Flavor(s) (ing)/ Natural ______ Flavor/Other " "

Sucrose High Fructose Corn Syrup/(Fructose)



Modified Corn Starch/Corn Starch

Nutritive & Non Nutritive

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): leads to Cancer.

Sodium (Saccharin): found in commercial tooth paste


Aspartame: causes Brain Seizures

Essence of ...(in Mineral Waters is a trick.  EXTRACT is what you're looking for).


These products were derived from an original source (sugar cane, sugar beets, fruit, etc.) but have had all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients processed out of them.  Therefore, these empty substances cause the body to eat on itself to compensate for the lack of vitamin, minerals, and nutrients that were in the original sources.  Examples of the body eating away at itself because of these empty substances are cavities, Diabetes, and in it's worse stage they cause amputations.


Also, unless you would intentionally drink dye do not drink or eat substances which contain artificial flavoring and food colorings.  EXAMPLE:  Red #40, Yellow #5.  Which bush or tree did they come from?


Substitutions:  Try using Honey, Maple Syrup, Brown Rice Syrup, Agava Nectar, and any organic fruit or fruit juices.  Fruit sweetened jellies, jams, & cookies.  Be creative, the option is Diabetes.

Processed Salt


Processed Salt (like Morton's) causes the body to retain fluids, thus reducing circulation.  Most recognize this stagnation as 'water weight'.  Reducing circulation (blockages) can cause everything from Arthritis & Varicose Veins to Blood Clots, Strokes, High Blood Pressure, & Heart Attacks!


Substitutions:  Unprocessed Natural Earth & Sea Salts are more gentle to the system.  To dissolve processed salt within the body system drink Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

White Flour - The REAL white power

White Flour Products

All Purpose Flour

White Rice

Rice Flour (means white rice)


As an elementary school kid we made paste from white flour, corn starch, & water.  So we're gluing our bowels and nasals when we eat products made of these.  Check the color of the flour.  If it's too light the fiber has probably been stripped away!  Bleach is also used in the stripping process.  So unless you would intentionally drink bleach do not eat White Flour products and White Rice.


Substitutions:  100% Whole Wheat Flour, Kamet, Spelt, Oat, and any assortment of grain flour types.  Basmati Rice (one of the few natural grains of white rice), Brown Rice, Dirty Rice, etc.

Dairy Products





Milk evolves into a solid with the churning heat in the stomach.  Cheese is like glue to the bowel system.  Whey is highly toxic and blocks up the bowel system badly, giving off horrible gas.  There are laws against Whey being poured into drainage systems.  Dairy & White flour products are the causes of many sinus infections, alergies, and constipation.


Substitutions:  Rice Milk (like the Rice Dream brand, made of Brown Rice), Coconut Milk, and an assortment of homemade nut milks that you can make in a blender.  You can use organic unfiltered Apple Juice in cold cereal.  Think creatively!

 FOR BAKING Substitute:  Arrowroot for eggs. 

1/2 (.5) to 1 teaspoon = 1 egg.  Apple Sauce or Chia Seeds.  1 tablespoon of Chia Seeds soaked in 3 tablespoons of water for 10 minutes is the equivalent of 1 egg.





Caffeinated Soda's



Caffeine (ESPECIALLY Coffee) is highly toxic, causes headaches, and most of all...AGING!  Any substance that increases the heart rate causes aging, wrinkles, heart troubles and jangles the Nervous System over time.


Substitutions:  Chocolate addicts please consider Carob.  Doesn't taste exactly the same but close.  It may be an acquired taste but HEY WHAT DO YA WANT, A FRICKEN HEART ATTACK?

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